Chilean communists condemn blockade of Cuba and genocide in Gaza

Chilean communists condemn blockade of Cuba and genocide in Gaza
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20 November 2023
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 Leaders of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh) condemned the blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba and the massacre committed by Israel against Palestine.

“The people of Cuba, its Revolution, have lived for more than 60 years under a blockade that we can describe as genocidal because it prevents them from acquiring food, medicine and fuel,” senator Daniel Núñez of the PCCH told Prensa Latina.

The parliamentarian expressed that the blockade against Cuba has become an important obstacle to development.

In a meeting held this weekend in Santiago de Chile, the president of the PCCh pointed out that the vast majority of the countries in the world spoke out against this disastrous policy in the last vote at the UN. “All, except the United States and Israel, plus Ukraine, which abstained,” he stressed.

Carmona also condemned the genocide committed by Israel in occupied Palestine, an expression of a plan of ethnic cleansing that has been carried out for decades with the complicit gaze and tacit acceptance of the international community.

The communist leader urged the Chilean government and international organizations to act and move from speech to action.

“In the Gaza Strip there is not a war, but a massacre to which no one can remain unconcerned,” the PCCh president denounced.

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