CELAC rejects U.S. blockade on Cuba

CELAC rejects U.S. blockade on Cuba
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2 November 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 2 (ACN) The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) supports the Cuban resolution for the end of the blockade imposed by the U.S. government, reaffirmed today from the United Nations headquarters the representative of Argentina, on behalf of the regional integration organization.

As part of the debates held today on the issue, the diplomat assured that the policy of blockade against Cuba causes considerable and unjustifiable damage to the country and its population.

She said that the international community regrets that the blockade is still present in the reality of Cubans, its presence as the main obstacle for the development of the Caribbean nation and the inclusion of Cuba in the list of State sponsors of terrorism.

In her speech, the representative of the South American country expressed her concern for the tightening of the policy in the context of the pandemic and the application of measures that violate the political will issued on repeated occasions by the Assembly.

Our desire is not to vote any more on these resolutions in the future and that the voices of the world achieve the immediate cessation of sanctions and economic pressures against the island, she concluded.

The debate, which will last until tomorrow, Thursday, will also include a vote on Cuba's document, a demand that has been supported by the majority of the international community since 1992.

Cuban authorities have denounced that the U.S. government persists in ignoring that result, and has tightened the siege to unprecedented levels, applying a policy of economic asphyxiation to deliberately seek the collapse of the country.

Only between August 2021 and February 2022, Cuba registered losses of 3.8 billion dollars, a figure 49 % higher than that reported in the January-July 2021 period.

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