Casa de las Américas hosts a meeting on Cubans in the US

Casa de las Américas hosts a meeting on Cubans in the US
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22 March 2023
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Havana, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) The "Cubans on the stage of Latinos in the United States" international workshop will begin at Casa de las Américas center in Havana, with the participation of academics from the United States and Cuba.

Antonio Aja, director of the Latino Studies Program in the United States, will be in charge of the opening of this second edition, which will last until next Friday, according to the institution’s website

The inaugural program includes a round table on the current situation and perspectives of the Cuban presence in the US, as well as the bibliographic exhibition “Bridges and More Bridges”.

Lectures, book presentations, plays and exhibitions were scheduled for the rest of the program, with the aim of looking into the transnational relations of Cuban migration in the United States and its implications.

The proposed dialogues will emphasize on the presence of Cuban culture in the US in areas such as music, literature and visual arts.

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