Caribbean Community supports Cuba at UN against US blockade

Caribbean Community supports Cuba at UN against US blockade
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2 November 2022
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United Nations, Nov 2 (Prensa Latina) The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on Wednesday demanded the lifting of the United States blockade against Cuba at the opening session of a debate during the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking on behalf of the group, the representative of the Bahamas, Ambassador Stan Smith, reiterated CARICOM’s unanimous position against this unilateral measure that has hung over the Cuban people for more than six decades, and which he described as a “clear violation of the UN Charter.”

He added that the extraterritorial enforcement of that policy is also contrary to the principles that govern that international body.

Over and over again, three decades ago, the end of Washington’s economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba has been called for, Smith warned.

There are 29 resolutions of the UN General Assembly in which we express our concern regarding the negative effects that these measures have had on Cuba’s socioeconomic development and the Cuban people’s income and well-being, he stressed.

Smith denounced the “unjustified inclusion of Cuba” in Washington’s unilateral list of states that sponsor terrorism and pointed out that this measure multiplies the consequences of the blockade.

“Cuba is facing food crises and high fuel prices on a global scale, as well as the (Covid-19) pandemic and its consequences, and continues to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian. These multiple crises are faced by Cuba,” he added.

On top of that, it has to “deal with this unfounded designation, something totally contrary to efforts to get Cuba back on its feet,” he emphasized.

Smith highlighted the solid alliance with Cuba and recalled that in March 2023, 50 years of fraternal relations with CARICOM will be celebrated.

Despite the difficult conditions that have been imposed in recent decades, “we will continue to cooperate in health, education, trade, disaster reduction, sports,” he said.

Smith stressed that Cuba was the first country to send collaboration at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic “to strengthen our public healthcare systems,” which was added to the professionals who were already “present in various countries of the region.”

In addition, Cuba has contributed to human development by the granting of scholarships, he added.

Smith ratified CARICOM’s request that the blockade be lifted” as soon as possible so that Cuba can advance towards its full development as it deserves and has earned.”

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