Buena Fe band receives full support in Spain

Buena Fe band receives full support in Spain
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18 May 2023
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Madrid, May 18 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of people today expressed their solidarity and full support for the Buena Fe Cuban music group, whose tour in Spain has been cut short due to harassment, violence and censorship by the enemies of the Revolution.

Under the leadership of activist and coordinator of Cubainformacion, Jose Manzaneda, several figures in Spain and Europe were summoned to join a campaign to collect signatures underlining the support to the popular band led by Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, through a manifesto.

The document, to which Prensa Latina had access, described the events surrounding Buena Fe. Their beginnings can be dated back to May 13, in Bilbao, during a solidarity day with Cuba, in which Rojas addressed his country’s situation, including the US blockade and the cultural war against Cuba.

That moment was a prelude to a European tour of the band, and also their presentation at the Bilbao event, which allowed the full enjoyment of Cuban music and culture.

“But it seems that this is not allowed if artists defend the sovereignty and revolution of their country,” the press release pointed out.

The statement further highlighted that Rojas and Martinez reported on their social network profiles the cancellation of two of their scheduled concerts (Salamanca and Zamora) due to fascist harassment and threats against the venues where they were supposed to being onstage.

“Under the pretext of democracy, we are witnessing in the Spanish State the censorship and persecution of artists, just being guilty for coming from Cuba and defending their homeland,” the manifesto stressed.

It also mentioned that at the Madrid concert, on Friday, May 12, there was an attempted assault and boycott against Buena Fe, led by Cuban émigrés currently linked to ultra-right-wing organizations such as Vox.

Fortunately, and once again, the public that attended an evening of fraternity, culture, music and solidarity turned in love with Buena Fe, with displays of affection and applause that closed their ears to those who had come to sow hatred, the press release added.

It is sad, but increasingly common in the Spanish territory, that those who call themselves defenders of freedom and human rights resort to violence and fascism to intimidate those who simply wish to express themselves through art and music, it remarked.

The US blockade against Cuba is a serious violation of human rights and directly affects the daily lives of the Cuban people. It is regrettable that, instead of encouraging dialogue and cultural exchange, certain counterrevolutionary groups use fascist tactics to try to silence artists and restrict freedom of expression.

The release also pointed out that the cancellation of concerts in Salamanca and Zamora is a reminder that the struggle for freedom and human rights in Cuba is constantly facing obstacles and threats.

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