From Brother to Brother: Music and Life

From Brother to Brother: Music and Life
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24 November 2021
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What I enjoyed the most about the Adalberto Álvarez Tribute Concert presented by his brother Enrique Álvarez and Charanga Latina was that, at least for those of us who are nearing the 40’s, it takes us directly to remembrance and from there to the awareness of how many bits of life were touched by the music of the Gentleman of Son Music.

Then comes the lucky chance of giving the new generations a necessary discovery: they can also enjoy what we dance with. Good music is eternal.

Finally, the family, that core that grows with love and pain, where what is not inherited is learned, the family with tearful eyes bringing him back to life, makes me think that, wherever he is, he must have sung the Cuban Son Music the Gentleman.

The Concert...

It lasts 57 minutes. It was produced by Bis Music record company. The general director was Enrique Álvarez, while his son Lázaro Enrique assumed the musical direction and José Manuel García was in charge of the audiovisual material.

Among the songs included appear the hits in the musical career of maestro Adalberto. "Si no vas a Cocinar", "Una mulata en La Habana", "El regreso de María", "La novia de un amigo mío", "Qué te pasa mami" or "El baile del toca toca". The songs conspire to take us on a sound tour that no Cuban will be foreign to it.

The surprise comes with Mi son, the first work by Adalberto Álvarez, composed for the Typical Orchestra of the National School of Art in 1969 and that his colleague at the time, José Luis Cortés, El Tosco, helped to rebuild and mount for its premiere in this material.

The authors emphasize that it was a project that was completed in record time and you will notice the key to finish it: the drum that beats in each song and in each interview, from the family, gathered around this tribute, and guests like José Luis Cortés, Maykel Dinza and El Noro.

As for the selection of songs and its interpreters, Enrique Álvarez said: "The most important thing was to choose the repertoire and see what was given to each singer. I wanted them to be young talents. Those who sing there are all brilliant, they defended the work resolutely and they did it very well."

Enrique started to look for singers who had talent or vocal and expressive characteristics similar to those who originally sang each song.

Lázaro Enrique, Adalberto's nephew, thanked "everyone who put a grain of their heart" and assured: "For me and I think for my father as well, it’s the most important work of our lives, because the sentimental charge is unique."

The family...

Between sounds, the harmony of the blood:

Enrique Álvarez (brother): My brother was born a musician, my brother was born on November 22nd, 1948, which is the day of Santa Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians. (...) For me, my brother was the greatest thing in popular dance music today. "

Luis Orlando Álvarez (brother): he lived with the pride of being the brother of the director of Son 14 orchestra and my idol was always Adalberto. I had my dream as a child to say: one day I’d like to work with him ... (...) Until today I had the happiness of being 26 years working with Adalberto ".

Lázaro Enrique Álvarez (nephew): "He has always been a reference and I think that was one of the greatest awards that life gave me: such a great musician, so huge for all the followers of Cuban music, to have him close, I think it's a great gift ... "

Dorgelis Álvarez (daughter): "I think he’s someone unforgettable (...) I always say that my greatest pride in life has been that my father was my father."

Brayan Álvarez: "I think that when we talk about Adalberto Álvarez in Cuban music, we need to analyze in what time we are talking about, maybe now we are talking in the present tense and we have an idea of ​​what Adalberto Álvarez means and meant for Cuban music, but when we talk thirty, forty years from now, we are really going to realize the work he did all his life to keep son music alive, when he met Son music for the first time, he defended it."

With the Gentleman, for the Dancer

It is a birthday gift for the Gentleman and from him, also for his audience. This and other musical tributes these days are proof that Adalberto is alive with his music and no one thinks to let him go.

In the words of his nephew Lázaro: "It’s for people to dance because it was what my uncle planted. My uncle planted Cuban identity, feeling, a legacy that now it's up to us to defend."

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