Book Fair features sculptor José Delarra's works

Book Fair features sculptor José Delarra's works
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25 April 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 25 (ACN) Journalist Orlando Ruiz Ruiz’s digital work Entre el viento de las plazas, about the eminent sculptor José Delarra, will be presented at the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress, venue of the 30th Havana International Book Fair, as part of the Cultural Project
Nuestra Historia y la Continuidad—sponsored by the journal Verde Olivo of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces—dedicated to the famous sculptor and painter José de Lázaro Bencomo, whose artistic name was of José Delarra (1938-2003).

Ruiz Ruiz, an experienced reporter, prepared a 145-page volume brimming with poetry and supported by dozens of images revealing of the artistic and human greatness of Delarra, creator of great monument complexes erected in many Cuban squares since 1959.

Delarra was still very young when he started to make a name for himself in sculpture, painting and drawing and made successful incursions into decoration and engraving and learned design and ceramics. Moreover, he moved into graphic illustration and industrial design, and then added sculptural caricature to his repertoire.

He is considered to be perhaps the most prolific contemporary artist of his kind in Cuba, as in 50 years (until August 2003) he made more than 2,000 works in Cuba and elsewhere, and between 1961 and 1972 he made 27 busts placed throughout the country, most of them in Havana.

Among his major works is the Ernesto Che Guevara Monument Complex in the city of Santa Clara, to which he devoted six years of uninterrupted work, until its inauguration on December 28, 1988, in the presence of Army General Raul Castro Ruz.

Entre el viento… has 14 chapters, and the first of them recreates the symbolic moment when the sculpture of Che is hoisted on its pedestal in Santa Clara and reflects Delarra's expression when he climbed down from the huge block of Jaimanitas stone supporting the guerrilla’s figure at a height of 16 meters and told those who were astonished to see the sculptor guiding the operations from up there: "If it falls, I fall with it".

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