Biden’s approval rating drops due to classified documents dilemma

Biden’s approval rating drops due to classified documents dilemma
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19 January 2023
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Washington, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) President Joe Biden´s approval rating fell 40% amid criticism for mishandled classified documents during his vice presidency (2009-2017.

According to the Reuters-Ipsos poll, this percentage is close to the historic low he faced past May and June (36%).

The figure is notable with respect to earlier January, as Biden´s approval rating hit highest figure (44.1%).

The poll came days after CBS broke the news that some documents were found in an office Biden used in Washington after concluding his term as Barack Obama’s vice president and the 2020 presidential election. Then, over the past week, two more batches of documents turned up at Biden’s Wilmington home.

White House officials stated they cannot give much information about the documents and what is in them.

Joe Biden last week said he was surprised by the documents found at his former office and did not know what was written inside.

The fact those classified documents were not in the Archives’ possession generates criticism from GOPers, given that former President Donald Trump was under investigation for taking manifold classified documents onto his property as he left the White House

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