ART IN THE NET: Under the Umbrella

ART IN THE NET: Under the Umbrella
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1 March 2021
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Umbrellas (some umbrellas) combine beauty and usefulness. They can be (well carried) accessories of unique elegance, complement of great plasticity. Just giving a quick glance into the history of art: portraits with umbrellas are plentiful.

The Italian Edoardo Tofano (1838-1920) had a priority in his production: women. Most of his paintings are portraits of beautiful ladies, who bask in a peaceful exoticism. The painter liked adjectives: there’s almost always an abundance of details, which speak of the perfectionism of an artist with a passion for history.

That’s the case. The woman portrayed is beautiful, but the umbrella also has its merit. The inter-play of light he filters offer a wonderful kaleidoscope. A radiance of distinction, with evident Asian reminiscences.

There are those who despise this type of portrait, where conflicts, tinges, contradictions are not evident. Beauty for beauty's sake, they say patronizingly. Alright, there will be (many) more disturbing, strong, belligerent, moving paintings... But beauty is never superfluous, even if it’s rather shallow.

There will always be time and need to go to the depths. Or walk under the sun, without the protection of an umbrella.

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasi Translation Staff

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