Art homage to Fidel in Camaguey

Art homage to Fidel in Camaguey
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3 December 2020
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The gala in tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, four years after his funeral procession passed through this city, reflected on Tuesday night at the Avellaneda Theater, the support of artists and new generations to the socialist project of the nation.

Juan Carlos Blanco Lores, president of the University Student Federation at the Carlos J Finlay University of Medical Sciences, spoke on behalf of the youth of Camagüey, with the reaffirmation of the revolutionary continuity and the repudiation of the recent destabilizing attempts encouraged from abroad.

Musicians, repentistas, dancers, actors, professionals and students of artistic education, dedicated heartfelt presentations to the Commander.

Anecdotes from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, reflected in the text Cuentos del Arañero were also part of the tribute, in which emblematic musical themes such as La Masa, Su nombre es pueblo, Saberse Cubanos or the advanced touch used by the Mambises to go to fight; the latter with a dance performance by the Camagüey Ballet.      

The renowned company, which also celebrated its 53 years of foundation on December 1, was part of this commemoration, as on many other occasions it has accompanied the most important moments of the country's political, social and cultural life.

The provincial radio station of Camaguey Radio Cadena Agramonte broadcasted the tribute gala in full, which commemorated the fourth anniversary of the rest of the Commander-in-Chief in the Jimaguayú Room in the Plaza de la Revolución Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte.

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