Argentine vice president was discharged from hospital after surgery

Argentine vice president was discharged from hospital after surgery
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7 November 2021
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Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez was discharged from hospital on Saturday after undergoing a laparoscopic extended hysterectomy surgery on Wednesday.

Upon leaving the Otamendi Sanatorium in Buenos Aires, where she underwent surgery, the vice president thanked the medical staff that treated her during these days.

“I want to thank all the medical staff, nurses and the auxiliary staff at the Otamendi Sanatorium, who attended to us with so much professionalism and affection. Thank you very much,” she wrote on her official Twitter account.

According to Marisa Lafranconi, medical director of the Sanatorium, a benign uterine polyp was detected after a macroscopic evaluation and the end result of the histo-pathological test will be issued next week.




Querida Cristina, Contento que todo ha salido bien por usted. Espero que usted va tener muchos años más de buen vida. Descansa bien. El pueblo mejor decir el mundo entero le quiero. Nuestra Evita para siempre.

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