Another Step from the Reinforcement, Soberana Plus

Another Step from the Reinforcement, Soberana Plus
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30 September 2021
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Cuban science has demonstrated the talent and impetus of its researchers as a result of this Covid-19 pandemic. It has also highlighted the intention of the Cuban government over the years to promote this sphere and keep it at the level of the large international institutes and pharmaceutical companies that lead the market.

As repetitive as it may seem, Cuba's success in currently having three vaccines plus two other candidates in development and approval process is extraordinary if we put on the table that we are an underdeveloped island in the Caribbean, and that we are not a power neither European nor Asian, and on top of that all, a North American blockade.

Here, since heads were put together about the issue, they thought about making a preparation that was already proven and effective in children, and also another that would serve as a booster dose, which we do not know if the reactivation will be necessary for life, as new, and more contagious variants of SARS-CoV-2 have appeared.

In the last months the epidemiological situation throughout the national territory has not been easy, on the contrary, very worrying peaks have emerged in Matanzas, Ciego de Ávila, Cienfuegos, Havana, Sancti Spíritus, Camagüey, Pinar del Río, therefore thousands of convalescents who need a boost for their antibodies.

For those tested already positive for Covid-19 there’s the Sovereign Plus, its value has been proven for these cases that don’t need the entire vaccination cycle, although it’s clear that those who have had mild symptoms and at that time have not been diagnosed with the virus, on top of those who had to discontinue the cycle, did have it from the start.

Soberana Plus: "More vaccines for Life!"

Dagmar García Rivera, Head of Research at Finlay Vaccine Institute, overflowed with joy, when the decision of the Regulatory Authority for Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices to validate the emergency use of Soberana Plus in convalescent patients over 19 years was made public. "This decision is supported by the safety and immunogenicity results in clinical trials," she said.

On this Cuban vaccine García Rivera specified several interesting data:

“A single dose of Soberana Plus is enough to re-stimulate the immunity that developed as a consequence of the natural infection. It’s also very safe, despite administering it to people who have fallen ill.

Evidence shows that the levels of immunity that are achieved must be able to protect against delta, because the viral neutralization of this variant is significantly increased.

You must wait at least two months for vaccination. It must be considered that the virus infection constitutes a stimulus for the immune system and it’s necessary to give time to the immune response that this infection stimulates, to vaccinate afterwards. If you were recently sick, don't rush, wait the two-month period that vaccines will be available.

Don't worry if COVID-19 is over. The results of the clinical trial show that convalescents with more than four months of having suffered the disease respond better. Here’s other evidence that antigenic stimuli require time between them for a better response.

If you think you had COVID-19, but it was never confirmed, even if you had mild symptoms, do the full three-dose vaccination schedule because a single dose may not be enough for you. This is recommended by Minsap in the indications for vaccination.

If you received one or more doses of vaccine and then got sick, do not rush, wait at least two months to get vaccinated with Soberana Plus, this way the response will be better.

If you are convalescing and pregnant, you can get vaccinated. Teratogenicity studies are completed with no evidence of harmful effects on reproduction and the authorization addresses this. It’s a later advantage for the baby because through breastfeeding he will be able to receive antibodies”.

Finally, the Cuban researcher clarified: “Be careful! Convalescent children have not yet been vaccinated. Evidence of vaccination in children who got sick is not yet ready. We are working on it, but you have to be very responsible before proposing your vaccination schedule”.

The Head of Research at Finlay Vaccine Institute “hopes to help the marathon of doubts that are generated in the population. Together, we are going to continue struggling this battle”, a battle that is nearing its end this year since today Cuba has all the necessary doses to immunize its entire population. Cuba Lives, Cuba is great!

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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