Angola to develop doctorate program with Cuban collaboration

Angola to develop doctorate program with Cuban collaboration
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17 August 2023
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Angola will develop a program to train doctors of science in different branches of knowledge, with the help of Cuba, local media reported.
The project, which defends an inclusive vision, is destined to become a key element to strengthen the country’s scientific capital, in order to place science at the service of national development, according to local television station TPA.

The Ministry of Higher Education will be Cuba’s institution that will cooperate in these efforts, and in the first phase, 22 Cuban universities will take on the training of PhDs in medical sciences and education, among other areas.

The novelty is that doctoral students will not necessarily have to leave Angola to study, but will be able to complete their academic program virtually, thus reducing costs.

Cuba has graduated more than 9,800 Angolan students at different levels of education and Cuban experts have contributed to the development of education in this African nation.

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