Ana Hurtado, in Love with the Cuban People

Ana Hurtado, in Love with the Cuban People
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19 November 2022
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The young Spanish journalist and filmmaker has given proof of the love that unites her to the people and causes of this island.

A few days ago, we talked to her during La Pupila Afilada gathering, where she shared the celebration for the victory against the U.N. blockade, enjoyed the Creole sound and the warmth of Havana, a city that already embraces her and blesses her like a daughter.

—How did you come to such a close relationship that you have with Cuba?

—The relationship so close and, above all, so heartfelt, with so much affection and so much love is through Fidel. When I was in my university years I began to listen to his interventions at the U.N., his speeches in front of the people, and I fell completely in love with his socialist ideology. It was he who brought me and brought me closer to Cuba and the Cuban Revolution.

—And after coming and getting to know our reality from within, what did you find that keeps you linked with Cuba and with our struggles?

-I’ve discovered, above all, the strength of the Cuban people and the belief that most of the Cuban people have in the socialist project, despite the difficulties and needs that this people endure, victims of a genocidal blockade for over sixty years. It’s a strong, dignified people, and can’t be bought with money. As Fidel said in 1994 on the Malecón, this is not a soft people and, as he said many years before, if someone wants to conquer it they will not confront young men, they will confront men and women. That force captivated me, it made me fall in love, and I think it’s something that large part of the world lacks, it’s lacking in the people of my country, it’s lacking in the people of many countries that I’ve been to, and that is what keeps me united to Cuba, that strength and that dignity that I think not all countries, if not almost any country, has.

—For the fact of keeping that friendship and that fidelity with Cuba, you are also a target of the media war against the island...

 —For defending Cuba in hostile territory such as Spain is now, they have threatened me virtually, they have also attacked me physically, but I think that’s nothing compared to what the Cuban people suffer every day due to the blockade and genocidal war what Cuban children suffer who cannot receive medicine, what cancer patients suffer who cannot receive necessary treatment. Yes, I do suffer attacks, threats, and so, but honestly, that’s nothing compared to what this people has to suffer due to a criminal and obsolete policy, therefore, I steel myself, I think of the strength that Cubans have and that gives me more strength to continue denouncing and shouting the injustice that this people lives, and I think that sooner or later truth and justice will prevail.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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