Algerian, Cuban, Sahrawi news agencies join forces to defend just causes worldwide

Algerian, Cuban, Sahrawi news agencies join forces to defend just causes worldwide
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5 May 2024
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The president of the Cuban news agency (Prensa Latina), Luis Enrique Gonzalez Acosta, affirmed on Friday in Boujdour’s Sahrawi refugee camp that “the joint action between Algeria Press Service (APS), the Cuban press agency (Prensa Latina) and the Sahrawi News Agency (SPS) is to form a strong media shield to defend just causes worldwide.”

“Bolstering cooperation and exchanges between Algerian, Cuban and Sahrawi news agencies will contribute to forming a media shield based on experience and professionalism. We are in dire need of finding a common way of working to back just causes worldwide and to break through the media blackout imposed on countries committed to the issues of liberation and justice,” Gonzalez Acosta told APS on the sidelines of the 1st International Media Conference for Solidarity with the Sahrawi People.

With regards to the bilateral cooperation between APS and the Prensa Latina agency, along with the renewal of their agreement over a year ago, the same official noted significant progress “in the joint work between the two agencies thanks to a fruitful and effective exchange of highly valuable information content for both countries, given their strong relations. We consider APS to be a trustworthy and accredited source for disseminating information about Latin American countries, and we are also a trusted source for them. We will soon start exchanging photos and videos.

Gonzalez Acosta further addressed a message to Sahrawi journalists affirming that “an unwavering stance, along with believing in the cause and the media’s role in building a State, lay the foundation for defeating the enemy, as a combination of efforts is necessary to confront it.”

The conference drew journalists from 22 countries, including Cuba, Russia, Tunisia, Spain, Lebanon, and Algeria

Discussions revolved around the political, diplomatic, and humanitarian situation, in light of the media blackout imposed by the Moroccan occupation to obscure the nature of the struggle led by the Sahrawis for their independence.

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