London Globe Theater to Perform in Cuba

London Globe Theater to Perform in Cuba
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7 July 2014
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Hamlet, a classic by Shakespeare, will be the piece to be premiered at the Mella Theater by this world famous troupe, also known by its direct bond with the British playwright, who worked in this dramatic arts company.

In a press conference, Dania del Pino, a specialist with the National Council of Performing Arts, explained that this group will offer two presentations -2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.- to meet the public's demands.

On the other hand, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada reported that the Globe is currently on an international tour, with the purpose of taking the historic staging to different parts of the world.

The newspaper clarified that 16 men and women travel by boat, train, bicycles, sailboats, buses and airplanes throughout the world and perform in different places, from squares of towns to national theaters, palaces and beaches.

The current headquarters of the English troupe is the Globe Theater of London, built based on the original, erected in 1599 for the Chamberlain´s Men, the company directed by Shakespeare.

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