Alicia Alonso Optimistic about Barack Obama's Visit

Alicia Alonso Optimistic about Barack Obama's Visit
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17 March 2016
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'It is possible to build a new relationship between both countries, and I hope that the opinion of those who think that this is possible prevails over the opinion of those, who sow hatred', said Alicia Alonso, founder of the Cuban National Ballet in 1948.

Alicia Alonso said that this new chapter between both countries should be built on the basis of the unalterable dignity and sovereignty of the Cuban people.

The Cuban prima ballerina assoluta also highlighted the importance of the process of normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States as a bridge for cultural exchange.

"If I had opportunity, I would congratulate President Obama for his courage in relation to Cuba, and I would say to him, that he should continue on that path," Alicia Alonso said.

Considered one of the most important dancers of the world, Alicia Alonso has been awarded the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

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