Cuban artist Roberto Diago to exhibit in Germany

Cuban artist Roberto Diago to exhibit in Germany
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15 December 2015
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The exhibit includes elements of sculpture, painting and photography, with Afro-Cuban and ethno-cultural references that show the meaning of the horrors of slavery and African slaves trade during the colonial period in Cuba, between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

According to the official website of the Cuban Foreign Department, the German minister said he was impressed by the expressive power of Diago’s creation, as well as “the way the artist leads the eye to deeper problems of humankind, such as racism and environmental pollution”.

Steinmeier added the exhibition contributes to “strengthen the cultural ties between his country and Cuba”.

Tracing Ashes will be opened to the public in Berlin until January 23, 2016.

Considered one of the most important artists in contemporary Cuban art, Roberto Diago (1971) has given his personal stamp on Cuba’s plastic arts, with themes that mix daily reality with the nation’s history. However, his works go beyond his interests on fragments of local scenes, and pieces with universal meanings are then erected.

Translation: Cubarte

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