Charanga Habanera for the first time at Karl Marx theater

Charanga Habanera for the first time at Karl Marx theater
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26 June 2015
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This group intends to make a trip around its 28-year-old repertoire, and for that they will invite some musicians who were part of the cast along these years.

I think that Charanga Habanera might play 20 consecutive days at this theater, since they are longing to do it, said David Calzado in an exclusive interview to the AIN News Agency.

We are planning to do something different this time, it will not be a dancing, but an unprecedented show, to show all we can do, he added.

He also stated that during the concerts he will release several themes of his latest album entitled Vivito y Coleando (Alive and Well), where he incorporates a new singer.

This is a very crazy album, full of fusion, with ballads, salsa and, naturally, timba, meant the group leader, who will close the summer season programmed by the Musical Recording Company (in Spanish, EGREM).

Founded in 1988, Charanga Habanera has shared stage with worldwide famous musicians, such as Donna Summer, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Kool and the Gang, among others.

The cast has been nominated for several awards, among them the Latin Grammy in 2003, for the album Live in the USA.

Similarly, they have made tours around Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, United States, and some North African nations, having performed on important events like the Festival de Campanille, Italy; the Pacific Fair, in Peru, and the Hard Rock Festival, in Mexico.   

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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