Manuel Mendive: Doctor in Arts from Cuba’s Arts University

Manuel Mendive: Doctor in Arts from Cuba’s Arts University
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1 June 2015
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In his eulogy, renowned artist, Roberto Fabelo, assured that Mendive is in the summit of his career with works that show his soul. A colleague of the Mendive’s, Fabelo, highlighted that the artist has left his imprint on the island’s culture with a multi-faceted work, whose origin can be found in the most autochthonous roots of the Cuban national heritage, the African roots, so decisive for the identity of Cubans.

Fabelo, who is also a National Fine Arts Award Winner, noted that Mendive’s creativity is evidenced in the diversity of forms and profound philosophical and spiritual ideas shown in his work, which has become a reference of all Cuban artists.

Meanwhile, Manuel Mendive thanked people on hand at his homage for sharing and confirmed his willingness to continue working and looking for other creative ways and forms.At the current Havana Art Biennial, Manuel Mendive, is exhibiting many pieces, including the performance, Los colores de la vida (the colors of life), occurred in the city’s historic section from Havana’s Amphitheater to Havana’s Cathedral. In his performances, the renowned artist uses nude or semi-nude body painting and parades.

The art caravan finished at the Víctor Manuel Gallery of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets, where his exhibition, Energía para el amor y la bondad (Energy for Love and Kindness), opened. This exhibition is part of 50 projects included in a bigger project called Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall), which has turned Havana’s seaside drive, wall and promenade, from La Punta Castle to Maceo Park, into an immense open air art gallery.

Edited by Damian Donestevez

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