More awards to Cuban film Conducta

More awards to Cuban film Conducta
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9 April 2015
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Conducta, the Cuban film that won the Choral Award during the past Havana Film Festival is still winning awards when it was recognized during the 17th edition of the Rencontres du Cinéma Sud-Americain of Marseille with the Audience Award to the Best Film and Best Performance, this latter granted to the children in the film.

Directed by Ernesto Daranas, the sensitive story of Chala and his model teacher Carmela, won alos in France the Audience Award at the Spanish Film Festival and the Latin American Film Festival in Grenoble, as well as the Audience Award to the CIC Iberbanco Best Film during the 31st edition of the Reflets du Cinéma Ibérique et Latinoaméricain from Villeurbanne and  the Association Pour le Cinéma in France.

Translation: Cubarte

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