Carlos Vives Sings To The King And Queen Of Spain In Madrid!

Carlos Vives Sings To The King And Queen Of Spain In Madrid!
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5 March 2015
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To close off the evening with a little dancing, one of the biggest stars in Colombia, Carlos Vives’ delighted the crowd with ‘vallenatos’ such as "Quiero Verte Sonreír", "Pa Mayte", "La Tierra del Olvido" and his latest worldwide hits, "Volví a Nacer" and "Hijo del Vallenato".

The Spanish Royals did not hide their excitement and went up to the Grammy winner to congratulate him on his amazing performance. “It was a very special night… as a Colombian it felt good to see so much excitement around my country… and as a singer, it was also very special because I remembered what it felt like to feel loved by a Spanish audience, especially by people so down to earth like the King and Queen. I felt the same excitement than when singing in a big concert when I saw King Felipe mouth the words to “Fruta Fresca” and Doña Letizia wanting to dance… Thank you for making me part of this celebration,” said Vives deeply excited.

The singer songwriter will continue his way through Spain to Tenerife, to attend the 25th anniversary gala of the “Premios de la Cadena radial Dial” where he will receive a "Premio Dorado."

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