Film “Cantinflas” Enjoys Strong Opening Weekend in U.S. (VIDEO)

Film “Cantinflas” Enjoys Strong Opening Weekend in U.S. (VIDEO)
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3 September 2014
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The Sebastian del Amo flick opened in 382 theaters with an average box-office of some $8,400, while placing 13th on the list of the most revenues over the long Labor Day weekend.

Starring Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada, the picture tells the life story of the man described as Mexico’s Charlie Chaplin with a plot that focuses on the production of “Around the World in 80 Days,” with which Moreno (1911-1993) broke into Hollywood in 1956.

A year ago, the Mexican comedy “No Se Aceptan Devoluciones,” by Eugenio Derbez, premiered with a $10.4 million box-office in 347 movie theaters.

First place on the list of premieres went to “Guardians of the Galaxy” with $22.2 million. The James Gunn film has gone on to become the movie that brought in the most money in ticket sales in the United States, surpassing the $260 million previously achieved by “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and currently expected to reach $300 million.

In second place among film debuts is “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” starring Megan Fox, with $15.7 million. The film takes up the story of the comic-book characters created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman and puts them at the center of a plot orchestrated by a mafioso group out to take control of New York.

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