Havana to host 18th International Festival of Videodance

Havana to host 18th International Festival of Videodance
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25 April 2024
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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Dancing Technologies" Creation Award, facilities in Havana's Historic Center will host, starting April 26, the 18th International Festival of Videodance DVDanza Havana, movement and city.

Andres D. Abreu, artistic director of the event, told the Cuban News Agency that the exhibition, made up of 26 officially pre-selected videos, will be screened at the Plaza de Armas, the Diversity Hall, the Center for the Development of Visual Arts (CDAV) and Havana Creative Spaces.

Most of the works come from Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador; from Europe there will be representatives from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, while from Asia there will be a Vietnamese audiovisual piece, he said.

Abreu highlighted the selection of "Havana in Movement", by US filmmaker Ana Baer, along with a team from Cuba.

The presence of Chilean professor Constanza Cordovez, who created a videodance channel in her country as a reference for the Ibero-American Videodance Network, is also expected, and will mark the first presentation of the platform in the continent, a way to virtually diffuse the work of those who join the initiative, the director pointed out.

Regarding the dedication to the 10th anniversary of the "Technologies that Dance" Award, Abreu emphasized that it is due to the impulse that the link between audiovisual and dance art has had in Cuba and allows the support to the creators involved in that manifestation.

The event, culminating on April 28, is part of the program of the International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes Old Havana: City in Motion, in its 28th edition.

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