D’Cuba, Vuelos and More Music

D’Cuba, Vuelos and More Music
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8 April 2024
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They are D'Cuba and in recent months they have been willing to travel around giving away songs, which is like giving away pieces of themselves. The leader of the group, Miguel Díaz-Canel Villanueva, spoke exclusively with CubaSí.

Tell us about the concerts you have been offering in different provinces of the country...

“For a year or so we have done a series of presentations in communities, in places that are difficult to access, in places where live music sometimes doesn't come so easily. Really, it has been a beautiful experience and we have already made it a commitment to return and visit other communities…”

Any new production on the way?

“We are preparing what is going to be our second album, it’s still in the recording stage, there are many things that are not defined yet. But we are still promoting the first album, Vuelos, which was recorded with EGREM, and soon there will be two video clips of that work..."

What changes from the first album to the one you are preparing now?

“Vuelos, in addition to having songs that are personally very important to me, like Vuelo, Rubia, El rolo, I feel that it was an album to break the ice, because even though we continue to sing those songs, even I as a composer don’t feel they’ve grown old, I do think that I have to dedicate all the strength of these times and my energies to the second album, which will be a more mature album in many ways, more autonomous, because we’ve done all the arrangements. Since the rehearsals we have been functioning like this, all the musicians make their contributions, it’s a way of working that we have created from the sense of belonging and the knowledge of the group that all members have, we already understand each other very well, we have the essence of the group deep in our blood.”

Immediate projects?

“Soon we are going to be at the Piña Colada Festival, we’ve been participating for three years now and it’s always a huge opportunity to see other musicians, meet friends, share and the public there in Ciego is always a tremendous fun.”

Do you have a space for regular presentations?

“We are performing twice a month on Boulevard 66, which has always been packed, everything has been super nice, we are very happy with the public there, with the place.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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