Fidel and the Unknown War, New Book

Fidel and the Unknown War, New Book
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7 July 2014
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Fidel and the Unknown War is the title of a new book launched this weekend at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana on important traits and the intense activity of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

Written by Colonel Elvin Fontaine, who was Fidel?s bodyguard in the 1960s, the book recalls crucial chapters of the fight against foreign forces and counterrevolutionary groups in different Cuban zones.

It is a simple narration from a humane point of view of events that were not very well known and which required intense research by the author, said journalist Magda Resik in presenting the book.

Fidel and the Unknown War is a book that constitutes a necessary consultation material for historians and also for the youth, given its values, said the author.

The work encompasses exclusive testimonies by  military chiefs, aids and personal bodyguards who participated in different unforgettable events that went into Cuban history.

In the book prologue, National History and Social Science Laureate Eduardo Torres-Cuevas stressed the extraordinary capacity of Fidel Castro to take decisions as well as his deep revolutionary conviction.

It is a great adventure with the participation of outstanding youths who were bodyguards of Fidel Castro and other revolutionary leaders in the early decisive years, said the prologue writer.

The presentation was attended by many of those who gave their testimonies, relatives and veterans who were eye witnesses of actions and events led by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

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