Nobel in Medicine Richard Roberts Participates in Cuba´s Biotechnology Congress

Nobel in Medicine Richard Roberts Participates in Cuba´s Biotechnology Congress
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8 December 2014
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Richard J. Roberts, Nobel Prize in Medicine (1993) noted in this capital that Cuba was able to develop in a few years products that are exportable resources for the national economy.

The expert participated along with 400 delegates from 34 countries at Havana 2014 Biotechnology International Congress, which ended today at Havana’s Occidental Miramar Hotel.

Speaking to the press Roberts acknowledged the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as the main driver of development currently reached by Cuban biotechnology, which has achieved global relevance.

He said that despite the US blockade on the Caribbean nation, the relations of cooperation and exchange with professionals of the sector have remained.

Roberts stated that the use of genetically modified foods is a good choice to feed the growing number of people who inhabit the planet.

He claimed that against the unbelievers in the efficient use of such technology, the scientific community must ensure the fulfillment of all international standards established for such products to be consumed by people.

Over 300 scientific papers related to aquatic biotechnology, animal health, enzymes technologies and transgenic plants were presented in the meeting.

Experiences in molecular plant-pathogen interaction were exposed and bio-products for agriculture were also presented in the event.

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