Cuba's President shares article on urban agriculture

Cuba's President shares article on urban agriculture
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17 February 2020
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Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel shared this Monday an article on urban, suburban and family agriculture in the country, in which attention was drawn to that program of the First Secretary of the Communist Party Raul Castro.

According to Granma newspaper, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero received a plaque on behalf of Raul Castro for boosting that popular movement from Elizabeth Peña, the national director, during a balance in the Segundo Frente municipality, in the eastern Santiago de Cuba province.

The 21 working subprograms (five crops, five animal husbandry and 11 support) involve some 800,000 people in the country, 31 percent of whom are women.

On another tweet, the Cuban president published Marrero's words at that meeting, in which he called for raising national agricultural production to reduce the over 1.6 billion dollars that the country uses to import food.

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