Díaz-Canel evokes memory of Cuban heroine Celia Sánchez

Díaz-Canel evokes memory of Cuban heroine Celia Sánchez
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11 January 2020
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The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today recalled the memory of the Cuban revolutionary, political and research fighter, Celia Sánchez (1920-1980), commemorating 40 years of her death.

Celia teaches us the virtues that we must develop. In every space of the Palace of the Revolution (headquarters of the Executive), in every detail, every day one feels her eternal presence, her trail without equal, said the president in his Twitter account.

Díaz-Canel also placed a link to the website of the Presidency, which publishes fragments of the words pronounced by the intellectual and politician, Armando Hart, at the funeral of who organized the clandestine network of peasants in support of the guerrillas led by Fidel Castro and played an important role in the Cuban revolutionary process.

Hart said she was the bearer of an exceptional intuition, sensitivity and feminine intelligence, together with her personal value, shown throughout her life as a revolutionary and, especially, in difficult moments of war and in the crucial and decisive moments of the process.

Months before the landing of Granma there has been no episode of the revolutionary struggle led by Fidel in which Celia was not in the first line of combat, he said.

He also affirmed that Celia, from the moment of the landing in Las Coloradas, until the moment of her death (at the age of 59), she worked permanently with Fidel.

He highlighted the firmness, modesty, affection and determination, together with her fervent revolutionary passion in facing injustices, addressed the problems and was involved in solving any issue of revolutionary interest.

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