Cuban Trade Unions will discuss Economic Plan for 2020

Cuban Trade Unions will discuss Economic Plan for 2020
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25 December 2019
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The Cuban Trade Union Federation (CTC) is calling workers island-wide to discuss the Economic Plan for 2020 in work centers.

Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, General Secretary of the CTC, said that in the exercise, taking into consideration that restrictions will undoubtedly prevail, as a result of stepped-up U.S. hostility.

In the discussions, scheduled for January and February, management should participate with reports that specify potentials and reservations. Managers should encourage the finding of formulas to overcome challenges and difficulties. 

The trade union leader insisted the executives should listen to the workers' proposals and have the capacity to assess their feasibility for implementation.  Guilarte recalled that workers are the main protagonists of the production of wealth for the development of the country and the well-being of society.

The Economic Plan for 2020 was approved by the Cuban National Parliament last week. The increase of savings measures and the expansion and diversification of exportations are two of its main priorities are

It also calls for the substitution of imports, the efficiency of investment processes, advancing in the elimination of dual currency, and the promotion of the links between the state and non-state sectors and foreign investment.

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