Computerization of Cuban Society at Informatics 2018

Computerization of Cuban Society at Informatics 2018
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21 March 2018
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Representatives from different national institutions gathered at the Convention Center explained that the main objectives is to advance in the sector.

The Deputy Communications Minister, Wilfredo Gonzalez Vidal, recalled that the computerization policy in society is part of the Guidelines approved at the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party.

This objective is also included in the strategic sectors of the country and approved by the Council of Ministers in February of 2017 in the comprehensive policy to implement the project, he said.

Gonzalez Vidal informed that there are over 7 million people currently with access to digital television on the island and assured that over one million decoding boxes have been sold.

He made reference to the current work of the digitalization of public registries, supervised by the Justice Minister in the development stage and whose objective will be, among others in facilitating population management.

The Executive President of the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), Mayra Arevish said that they are in charge in guaranteeing the infrastructure of projects and the development of applications and contents that will allow an efficient response to the needs of the society.

She added that there are currently one thousand 600 public sites with Internet access in the country and is expecting an increase this year in addition to expanding its infrastructure.

Arevich spoke about the reduction in the prices of national and international navigation aimed at facilitating the access to the Cuban contents to a larger amount of people in order for a new source of management of knowledge and advantage for the development of the economy.

ETECSA, she said, had one million 536 thousand permanent accounts in 2017 and over 27 million temporary accounts were also sold.

The Executive President explained that the new Nauta Hogar Service (Home Service) implemented since late last year, has been successful among the clients and reiterated that one of the objectives will be to increase the service in 2018.

Among the most important changes of the current period is to guarantee Internet Access on the cell phones, something that required development in barely two years, with new infrastructures, always with the premise in offering the service with quality and guaranteeing a safe network.

The 17th International Convention Informatics 2018 will continue on Tuesday with the inauguration of the International Fair at Pabexpo Exhibition Center and a business forum.

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