Why was there a caravan against the blockade in Cuba?

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Why was there a caravan against the blockade in Cuba?
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29 March 2021

On Sunday, it was held in Havana a caravan against the US blockade affecting Cuba. People in bicycles or other transportation means traveled across the Havana’s seafront in a context where several groups of Cubans also made a statement against the ongoing aggressive US policy in different cities of the world.

Gabriela Solá Miranda, Law student

The Havana’s caravan was held in the context of international caravans that showed the world’s solidarity in the fight for the removal of the US blockade against Cuba.

I have said it many times in each call we have made at the University of Havana, the role of young revolutionaries is t being right where we are most needed, where we are more useful, either as volunteers at an isolation facility or being here yelling at a loud voice “down with the US blockade!” along with the Cuban people.

Honestly, I believe that more than having some influence on the US, it has a very positively influence on ourselves as a people, in the honor to be proud of gathering on short notice in order to fight for our rights, the Cuban roots, and against genocide and meddling.

We can feel honored to know that our Revolution will go on forever. Most of Cubans are ready to preserve it.

José Julián Díaz Pérez, Mathematics student

The idea of the caravan arises as a result of the wave of demonstrations of support to Cuba and against the blockade, which are being held worldwide in recent days. If so many people abroad gather to fight for our wellbeing, some of them amid complex epidemiological conditions, how are we going to remain silent?

That’s our biggest motivation: that of showing gratitude to such solidarity. And I say the biggest because doing so now is paramount even though it might have been somehow criticized due to the massive participation amid a pandemic. Denouncing the US blockade is mandatory. And we must do so not only as a way to lobby —so it may be removed—, but also to understand how the empire reacts when a nation in its area of influence does not bend before them, especially if this nation undertakes the path of socialism.

I am somewhat skeptical on whether this puts pressure on the actual possibility of they lifting the blockade. The US, as the highest stage of imperialism, cannot allow Cuba to blossom economically. It would bring about the possibility of self-determination and change in all Latin America and even the world. The example of Cuba, in a very precarious situation, is a huge reference. What would the fate of Cuba be without the blockade?

Nonetheless, this activity is a clear sign of resilience, a proof that the Cuban people defend its truth and do not negotiate its project of society. Therefore, the most important outcomes of these sort of demonstrations are certainly in the very reaffirmation of the people’s will, in the very evidence that it is a fair claim to demand the end of the US blockade, raising awareness on people.

Santiago Jerez Mustelier, journalist at Juventud Rebelde

It is being a privilege to be part of this caravan led by different generations of Cubans. This caravan covered nearly all Malecon Avenue in Havana, from the Floating Bridge to La Chorrera. We rode filled with love and demanded the end of this unjust, inhumane policy of blockade against our country; a policy that affects the Cuban family.

This historical Sunday, the Cuban youth rode with love, optimism and joy to support our revolutionary process and say NO! to the US blockade.

Brothers and sisters abroad did the same in different world-s capital cities. From my journalist perspective, I was streaming live via the Juventud Rebelde Facebook profile. Several users from different parts of the world posted their messages and congratulations for the fight many Cubans carried out beyond our border.

We want no more blockade. We are united by Cuba. That is the core message we wanted to convey. A beautiful day. All sanitary measures to protect ourselves against Covid-19 were complied with.

All Cubans want this policy to come to an end. It was a special day that will certainly mark the fight we are carrying on. As our Minister of Foreign Relations stated> The blockade must end!

Ariadna Díaz Mariño, International Relations student

The economic, financial, and commercial blockade imposed by the US has been and is an absurd policy against our people. In a context where bilateral relations between Cuba and the US gets worse as days pass by, this caravan against the blockade takes place as a sign of gratitude to the solidarity of so many friends worldwide who spoke up to support Cuba and defend it against injustice.

Young people were motivated with this initiative. It did not matter it was held Sunday morning because each day is great to show our love for the Revolution. The massive participation proved that we are many who defend this cause, willing to continue the battle to preserve our achievements.

These sort of initiatives could help influence the US government to resume talks with Cuba. But all decisions in this regard will depend on to what extent the US are willing to remove some impositions on our nation.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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