Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara: “Both the medical care and the medical staff have been just outstanding”

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara: “Both the medical care and the medical staff have been just outstanding”
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5 May 2021

A video released in Facebook where “hunger striker” Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara appeared fraternizing with the doctor assisting him has just embarrassed the hordes in social networks whose job is to lie about Cuba.

Right when the video was released and to the last minute in which this note was written —we could watch Alcántara smiling and even helping the doctor with his white coat—, the web page of the U.S. government RadioTvMartí, kept on its front page the following headline: “The opposition holds the government accountable for Otero Alcántara’s life.”

According to such website: “Activists interviewed by Radio Televisión Martí demand the government proof of life of the independent artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara as well as transparency regarding what is happening to the San Isidro Movement’s founder.”

“They hold the government accountable for the activist’s bodily integrity, who has spent more than 48 hours in custody after being arrested in his home at San Isidro neighborhood in Old Havana, after spending 8 days on hunger and thirst strike, demanding the end of the police siege and the return of his art works, confiscated last April 16th.”

On the other hand, Diario de Cuba, another website on the Internet, dedicated to the gossip journalism, headlined an article: “Conflicting versions and uncertainty on Otero Alcántara’s situation” where it was stated: “He does not want to eat. He is standing firm. He is being hydrated and sedated,” said to the Florida’s news website a medical source, who declined to reveal his name fearing reprisals from the government.

The very “updated” media Cibercuba highlighted in its front page that “the U.S. condemns the repression and violation of human rights in Cuba.”

“We will continue to advocate for the human rights of the Cuban people, including the right to freedom of expression and assembly, and condemn the repression of human rights on the island,” said Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State when speaking at the 51st Conference on the Americas.

By the way, the government Blinken stands for took five days to condemn —in a fond manner, of course— the military and police repression in Colombia, where no one lied or speculated so blatantly on the alleged death of a hunger striker. However, the death of dozens people at the hand of repressive forces responding to the government of Ivan Duque was actually a reliable fact.

In short, as suggested in an opinion article published in this news website under the title: Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara: Chronicle of a “sham” foretold some groups within anti-Cuban far-right rooted in Miami were “disappointed with the fact (Alcántara) is still alive and his death cannot turn into that “spark” that would finally light up the so much longed freedom of the people in Cuba.”

Alcántara, to the embarrassment of those media devoted to lie about Cuba, besides being alive —after five days of hunger and thirst strike— is smiling and praising the spectacular medical care he has received at the Calixto García Hospital in Havana.

Hence we hope that tomorrow, that very same legion of mercenary media devoted to slander on Cuba, does not say the hunger striker was inoculated with a top secret vaccine that resulted in health, joy, and life.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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