Deficiencies and Setbacks in the “Land of Dreams”

Deficiencies and Setbacks in the “Land of Dreams”
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22 November 2023

Perhaps many of you know the story of that Puerto Rican who left his country and arrived in New York, where he found himself in such a pitiful state - jobless and homeless, but hungry - that he wrote to God to help him return to his homeland. The young people from the Post Office read the letter and, moved, sent him money so he could return to his beloved Borinquen.

The anecdote seems to be true in some aspects, but it serves to point out how misinformation can lead people to carry out acts that they later regret.

In this situation appear thousands of homeless people, in addition to many drug addicts, who were eliminated from the streets of San Francisco on the occasion of an international meeting attended by the presidents of China and the United States, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, respectively.

Thus there are thousands of migrants who have come to the United States to improve their lives in that “Land of Dreams” that’s only a reality for the many fewer who have much more.

Although official figures always reduce results that are adverse, it’s known that among those who arrive in the United States and those living there, the figure goes to more than a million who are homeless, spending the night on the streets of any city, although official figures recognize much less than 600,000, admitting that they are rising for the fourth consecutive year until 2022 and will continue in that regard this year.

The 2.2% increase, which is equivalent to 12,751 more homeless people compared to the previous year, comprises a 7% increase among those who remain outdoors, which "far eclipses the modest decrease (0. 6%) in people who stayed in protected places.

Of the total of 580,466 homeless people, racial minorities continue to be the most affected among the homeless, with African Americans in first place, making up 39% of the total, despite making up 12% of the U.S. population. Compared to the previous year's report, the figure represents an increase of 9%.

In second place are Latinos, who make up 23% of the homeless, while they represent 16% of the general population, according to official statistics. The percentage of "homeless" Latinos reflects an increase of 5% compared to the previous year's report.

Additionally, the number of unsheltered Hispanics increased 10% between 2019 and 2020.

The report shows that for the first time since and this accountancy began (2007) the number of homeless families with children increased, which constitute just under 172,000.

In a video accompanying the report's release, official Marcia Fudre called the numbers "devastating" and said the nation has a "moral responsibility to end homelessness."


Although Los Angeles is generally mentioned, the truth is that it’s in New York where the record number of homeless people appears, hence the mayor has put out notices that they be given accommodation in shelters in case of any adverse weather.

In other words, these poor people face extreme heat or extreme cold, while the rich continue to build luxury buildings as an investment and with air conditioning or heating without having anyone to thank them.

This happens in the country that someone has dreamed of from time to time, where in addition to the abundance of homeless people, it also thrives on ignorance and tolerates misery, something that, along with other despicable issues, is permissive in the U.S., and leaves plentiful ground for other comments.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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