Assault on the Capitol: Trump's Doings

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Assault on the Capitol: Trump's Doings
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22 November 2021

EUROPA PRESS reported this Wednesday that former President Donald Trump tries to impose limits on the legislative power of the United States, because, according to him, it has "too much power."

Along with this, he attempts to stop the publication of documents on the assault to the Capitol on January 6th.

His legal team seeks to block Parliament's access to the White House records, under the pretext that it would change the dynamics between the state powers.

According to information from the CNN television network, "at this time Congress will increasingly use this new weapon to perpetuate its harassment of its political rival."

EUROPA PRESS highlights that some of the documents Trump wishes to exclude contain the call records and notes sent by his advisers related to the assault.

In his appeal, Trump reiterates having the chance to protect some, because the reasons for accessing them "are not strong."

Therefore, his lawyers consider that "the power of Congress cannot be unlimited."

Observers estimate that the National Archives could deliver more than 700 documents from the Trump presidency to the commission in the coming weeks.

Also, Federal Court Judge Tanya Chutkan had twice rejected Trump's request that the National Archives not release the documents.

In a ruling issued on Tuesday, Chutkan stated that "presidents are not kings and the plaintiff is not president."

The Biden administration has indicated that Trump "has no personañ interest in the records" and the decision to deliver the documents to Congress should be upheld.

Analysts believe that Trump and his acolytes fear that a broadening of these revelations could compromise him even more in the noisy spectacle of January 6th.

This is how things are going so far.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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