Joe Biden: the great breaker of oath

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Joe Biden: the great breaker of oath
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10 February 2022

The Spanish news agency EFE highlighted, this Monday, that the U.S. president has been forced to silence his promise to guarantee free education for two years in "community colleges."

The aforementioned was announced by the first lady, Jill Biden, a teacher for more than 40 years during a meeting of university leaders.

She said it will not be included in the big social spending plan known as "Build Back Better" because of divisions within the Democratic Party.

She added that “a year ago, I told this group that Joe was going to fight for public education centers, but he has had to make concessions and I feel disappointed like the rest of the university leaders.”

As NBC News recalled, Biden, during his election campaign made a long list of promises for his first year in office, most of them aimed at reversing Donald Trump's policies and taking control of the pandemic.

After 12 months, the president has fulfilled some supposedly aimed at including the United States in the Paris Agreement.

And at the same time, he has faced many setbacks on issues related to the pandemic and voting rights.

He has had the difficult task of trying to convince those who resist getting vaccinated.

The pandemic largely defined the first year of his administration and will likely take center stage in the second, as Omicron spreads rapidly across the country.

Biden has been criticized for allowing some Trump-era policies to continue, especially immigration-related policies.

On the other hand, he announced to protect the right to vote and that he would pass legislation to strengthen the existing one, but those changes have stalled in Congress.

He has also been criticized for promises of police reform after the famous murder of George Floyd.

The President's attitude has reminded us, to a certain extent, of a famous theatrical piece of international scope capriciously called THE KEEPER OF PROMISES.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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