Donald Trump Attacks China Through Twitter

Donald Trump Attacks China Through Twitter
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5 December 2016
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The US President-elect Donald Trump has criticized China''s financial and military policy in a message posted on Twitter, which could endanger decades of diplomatic relationships between the two countries.

In the tweets, the New York Billionaire accused China of devaluing the Yen in order to better compete with US companies and build an enormous military complex in China Southern Sea.

The messages come only 48 hours after Trump talked with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen for ten minutes, eliciting a strong reaction from Beijing's authorities.

Washington recognizes Beijing's sovereignty over Taiwan.

According to sources close to the Trump team, President Tsai congratulated the real state magnate on his electoral victory and both sides discussed joint economic, political and security ties.

Evan Medeiros, former Asia director at the US National Security Council, noted that China would view the exchange between the next US president and the Taiwan authorities as a highly provocative action.

On Saturday, a Beijing government spokesperson reaffirmed that, 'There is only one China and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory.'

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