Putin: Russia is Open to Dialogue without Prejudicing its Interests

Putin: Russia is Open to Dialogue without Prejudicing its Interests
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1 December 2016
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Moscow, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) Russia is open to dialogue with the new US administration, but based on mutual respect and without undermining its national interests, President Vladimir Putin declared today.

In a ceremony in Georgui hall in the Kremlin, Putin indicated that in the past two years his country has been subjected to pressure, sanctions, defamation and media campaigns, but we are still ready to participate in solving regional and global problems, he pointed out.

Putin also declared that the world order should be marked by cooperation between countries and thus Russia would seek a relationship of mutual respect with the new US administration.

He added that the United States and Russia have the responsibility of global security and the guarantee of non-proliferation of the nuclear weapons and that they must join forces to fight the real threat of terrorism.

In his speech to the nation, Putin said that his country favors security in the world, but not only for the elite but for all nations.

The Russian head of state added that Russia was against censorship of freedom of expression.

'We were previously accused of preventing the freedom of the press and now they are the ones imposing restrictions,' he said.

Putin referred to a non-binding resolution, recently adopted by the European Parliament, to place the Russian agency Sputnik and Russia Today as propaganda elements.

In addition, the resolution of the European Parliament calls for a ban on the transmission or dissemination of these two media agencies in the European Union (EU).

But the priority for Russia is the development of cooperation within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union and the formation of large integration models in the Eurasian area, he declared.

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