Russia and Belarus Will Coordinate Response to US Missile Shield

Russia and Belarus Will Coordinate Response to US Missile Shield
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16 May 2016
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During a joint press conference with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov, after the both held talks, Makei stressed that Minsk will support the initiatives on disarmament promoted by Russia in multilateral forums.

On the subject of European security, the Belorussian minister said that Minsk and Moscow share concerns regarding the attempts of 'our NATO colleagues to impose antagonism and bring their infrastructure closer to the east, near our borders'. Referring to bilateral ties, the Foreign Minister of Belarus stressed that there is no disagreement at all with Moscow, and they share a total understanding on how to proceed and what issues to resolve bilaterally in regional associations and international organizations.

"We meet regularly within different international formats, and meet twice a year to discuss issues that concern us," added Makei.

Lavrov also highlighted, during the joint press conference, that neither Russia nor Belarus are in favor of the policy of confrontation, and made an appeal against the creation of dividing lines in Europe.

According to the Russian minister, Europe must approve the principle of equal and indivisible security for all.

Lavrov stated in the talks that the sides have discussed the overall security situation in Europe, and he also reaffirmed that Moscow and Minsk have common interests in their relations with NATO and the European Union on the 'dividing lines'.

On the deployment of a missile defense system of the United States in Romania and Poland, Lavrov stated that these efforts were unsuccessful as Western partners were acting from a strongly biased position.

He clarified, however, that a 'constructive agreement to find a way out of this impasse is still in place'.

The Belorussian news agency Belta reported that the visit to Minsk by the head of Kremlin diplomacy includes several meetings, including one with senior members of both ministries of Foreign Affairs.

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