Trump Greeted with Migrant Protests in New York

Trump Greeted with Migrant Protests in New York
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15 April 2016
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Trump, who continues to lead the Republican Preference poll, attended a Suffolk County fundraising gala in New York Thursday where he promised to bring employment to the city.

There, the New York magnate launched criticism against politicians who, in his view, have done nothing to prevent companies like Ford and others from relocating to Mexico.

He said the 1,400 workers of the air conditioning company Carrier that will be laid off in the next three years are "good people."

Trump was received in the town of Patchogue on Long Island by an ecstatic crowd of more than 1,000 people.

"Politicians are not fighting for our country," said the Republican candidate.

"We have the best people in the world for business and we do not use them," he added.

He reiterated, as an example, that 35 percent tax will be added to every air conditioning unit that "crosses the border" to be sold in the U.S. market and assured that under his presidency, the companies would not have to abandon this market.

Nearby, a group formed mostly by immigrants protested against his visit to Patchogue where Ecuadorian national Marcelo Lucero was killed in 2008 by a group of white youths.

An investigation revealed that police had failed to respond properly to complaints and had dismissed earlier racially motivated attacks.

According to the protesters, who carried signs with the messages "Trump promotes hatred" and "Shame Trump", the candidate has divided the country with his rhetoric against immigrants.

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