Jail in U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo is aberration, says NYT

Jail in U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo is aberration, says NYT
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21 September 2015
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It is the most powerful symbol of an era of mishaps for U.S. history and should have been shut many years ago, as president Barack Obama promised in his campaign for the 2008 elections, adds the text.

The president has not been able to carry out his word, not only due to the opposition of Congress, but because he did not used as he could his executive faculties, but he still has more than one year to make the closing true, a difficvult but not impossible target, adds the Times.

According to the newspaper the prison in the Guantanamo Base has cost U.S. taxpayers over five billion 200 million dollars.

At present, there are 115 detainees in the prison, 53 of which have authorization to be freed, among the rest there are 10 convicted by military courts or have pending trials while another 52 were never accused of any crime, but their release is not foreseeable.

The Department of State holds talks with several countries so they may receive the authorized individuals to abandon the prison at the military facility in Guantanamo, located in Cuban soil against the will of the people and the Government of the island. 

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