Putin confirms defensive power to prevent attempted attacks on Russia

Putin confirms defensive power to prevent attempted attacks on Russia
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3 March 2020
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President Vladimir Putin on Monday denied the intention of waging wars against other nations, but noted the creation of a strong national defensive power, so that no one can ever think of attacking the nation.

The United States tried to create an antimissile umbrella worldwide to have the opportunity to launch a nuclear attack, without the risk of a response, thus violating the principle of strategic stability, Putin recalled in an interview with TASS news agency.

Our country always had the task of reaching the US military development, as when the atomic bomb was created, when the most powerful carriers or missiles appeared. Now we have weapons that others do not have and it happens for the first time, he pointed out.

As part of a series of 20 questions with Vladimir Putin, the head of State clarified that the new weapons, including hypersonic missiles (Kinzhal and Avangard), can avoid any antimissile defense, thus guaranteeing the world's strategic stability.

The Russian president noted that the United States would make a mistake if it refuses to extend the Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START), signed in 2010 and in force until February 2021.

During the interview, Putin stated that US President Donald Trump had complained about big military expenditures, although he immediately said that they were necessary.

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