Unprecedented Crisis: Australia and its Raging Forest Fires

Unprecedented Crisis: Australia and its Raging Forest Fires
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10 January 2020
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The local officials from Australia urged a massive exodus from some cities from the south coast of the country where there are 200 fires which are destroying the New South Wales and Victoria in a revived fire due to the high temperatures and strong winds.

The extreme heat, which was expected for the weekend, will increase even much more the fire in the coastal communities that are already facing the electric and communication cuts, food and running water shortages, as well as fuel shortage after having been isolated.

Long queues were created in the outside areas of supermarkets and gas stations while the local citizens and tourists were looking for related supplied to be sheltered or escaping from the fires.

Ships and helicopters already began to rescue thousands of people trapped by the fires as part of the biggest evacuation of local citizens ever carried out in that region.

Helping the residents and visitors trapped in Mallacoota small town is among the planned related operations as it is a small and popular holiday place that attracts thousands of visitors each Summer in which they looked for safety in its beaches while fleeing from the intense fires last Tuesday.

   Unprecedented Crisis: Australia and its Raging Forest Fires

The Naval authorities have a proper ship to transport up to one thousand people in a first journey as part of an maneuver that will require two or three journeys in the upcoming days, taking into account the nearer port to Mallacoa town is 16 hours distant.

The chief of the Australian Royal Navy, Michael Noonan, regretted to have to prioritize who is evacuated from Mallorca and who will have to remain in the little town where the possible transit of vehicles to that place was blocked by the fall of some trees on the roads.

Thousands of people had already been rescued from the adjacent East Gippsland region that is one of the biggest rescue operations of that kind since the northern Darwin city evacuated more than 35000 people after the Tracy hurricane in 1974.

Since October, the forest fires has affected the south-east region of Australia where more than five million hectares has been destroyed nationwide and over 1400 houses were destroyed.

The death Toll is 16 and its capital city that is Camberra has become one of the most polluted of the world as it faces the smoke high levels caused by the fire in the forest.

   Unprecedented Crisis: Australia and its Raging Forest Fires

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, reiterated to the local journalists that the priority is fighting the fires and evacuating the population to a safe place, A team made up of a hundred experts and firefighters from the United States and Canada help the Australians to face that serious crisis.

It is expected a difficult day due to fires, strong winds and temperatures higher to 40 Centigrade Degrees. Those conditions will increase the fire.

It could be even worse than last Tuesday that was the deadliest day since the beginning of the forest fires season in Australia.

The unprecedented crisis has caused demonstrations by the Australians who are requesting immediate measures against the global warming that responsible for those fires lasting much more and more intense than ever, according to the scientists.

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