Lula's defense criticizes rejection of request to suspend trial

Lula's defense criticizes rejection of request to suspend trial
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26 November 2019
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Brasilia, Nov 26 (Prensa Latina) The defense of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva criticizes in social media this Tuesday the decision of Judge Edson Fachin to deny the request to suspend the trial in the case of the so-called site of Atibaia, in Sao Paulo.

'At the time the appeal we presented to Lula entered TFR-4 (Federal Court of the Fourth Region), there were some 941 appeals of the same nature awaiting trial. This was the question we asked the STF (Supreme Federal Court). The merit was not analyzed and the trial is scheduled for November 27,' wrote the lawyer Cristiano Zanin on Twitter.

Fachin, representing the STF, denied the appeal filed by the defense of the former union leader without entering into the merits of the argument. Zanin wanted the annulment of the trial scheduled for tomorrow.

The judge rejected the request that a court order be issued to suspend a trial that could annul the sentence in the Atibaia case, in which Lula was sentenced to 12 years and 11 months in prison.

The defense of the former unionist wants him to be disallowed because his request to abolish the entire process is not taken into account by the sentence 'copy and paste' of Judge Gabriela Hardt, who acknowledged Fachin's questioned action.

For Zanin, the text should be revised since it is an affront to the guarantee of fundamental rights.

The former president was released from prison on November 8 after serving 580 days in political prison.

Lula left the headquarters of the Federal Police of the Curitiba, capital of Parana, after the STF's decision that the conviction of a defendant can only be executed after a final and unappealable verdict, that is, after exhausting all legal remedies.

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