Morales Polling at Nearly 60%

Morales Polling at Nearly 60%
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6 October 2014
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One week from the Bolivian general election, Evo Morales, the incumbent president, continues to increase his levels of support, which has now hit 57.3 percent.

The latest statistics from pollster Tal Cual Comunicacion Estrategica  point to a win by a huge margin for Morales in the elections due to take place on 12 October.

The candidate for the Movement to Socialism (MAS) enjoys his highest ever approval rating, 39.4 percentage points ahead of opposition leader and nearest rival Samuel Doria Medina Auza of the National Unity Front (UD), whose own share of the electorate has dwindled to 17.9 percent. Other candidates have even less support. 

If these statistics translate to the election itself, Morales will win the vote without the need for a second round.

Reelection would result in the country's first indigenous leader's third term as president, and while the 2009 constitution only allows two consecutive presidential terms, last year the Supreme Court said that his first 2006-09 term did not apply, as it preceded the adoption of the new constitution, approved by popular referendum in 2009 with 61% support.

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