Lula's Name Will Be in Ballot Box, According to PT President

Lula's Name Will Be in Ballot Box, According to PT President
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15 August 2018
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The national President of the Workers Party (PT) of Brazil, Gleisi Hoffmann, today reaffirmed her conviction that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's name will be in the electronic ballot box on October 7.

By registering Lula's candidacy 'we offer the country a peaceful and legitimate way out,' pointed out the also senator in an article published on Tuesday in which she stressed that precedents registered in the Electoral Justice 'confirm the legitimacy of the nomination.'

If by legal violence the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) deny that way to the country, it will be assuming the responsibilities and consequences for defrauding the voting sovereignty, she warned.

Hoffman noted that many people doubted that the PT could reach this date of the electoral calendar with 'the people's candidate,' nevertheless, we arrived stronger than our adversaries would wish, she pointed out.

The PT leader also said that even in his unjust condition of political prisoner for 130 days, Lula will not be without voice, since he will be represented at this stage of the campaign by the former mayor of Sao Paulo and vice presidential candidate Fernando Haddad.

'We have every reason to continue defending Lula's right to be a candidate and the Brazilian people's right to vote freely, despite the abuses, arbitrariness and legal ruses we are facing,' she said.

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