Minister Blames STF President for Lula's Illegal Imprisonment

Minister Blames STF President for Lula's Illegal Imprisonment
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25 June 2018
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Supreme Federal Court (STF) Minister Marco Aurelio Mello blamed the head of that court, Carmen Lucia, for the illegal imprisonment of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the newspaper Brasil 247 reported today.

One day after charging in statements to Portuguese television that Lula is illegally imprisoned, Mello blamed Carmen Lucia for that crime, during an interview with the Jornal do Brasil, the digital publication posted.

According to the media version, the Supreme Court magistrate recalled that since December, he has released two declarations of unconstitutionality for trial, 'but the president has retained those processes and has not set a date to rule,' he stated. In Mello's opinion, one person should not decide alone what will be on the agenda or not, said the magistrate, for whom that situation should be overcome in September, when Minister Dias Toffoli will be the new STF president.

Carmen Lucia openly maneuvered in April to prevent the plenary session of the Supreme Court from reviewing the two recourses that question the legality of Lula's imprisonment after the sentence was ratified in the second instance. Instead, she included the review of a request for a preventative habeas corpus for Lula, which was denied, on the agenda.

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