Argentine Teachers Strike Again

Argentine Teachers Strike Again
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11 April 2017
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Buenos Aires, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) Argentine teachers of the Education Workers Union (Ctera, in Spanish) are striking again today for the repudiation of the police aggression they suffered.

The teachers are striking again in rejection to the repression by the public force last Sunday, when they tried to raise a metallic structure that would serve as a roving school to make visible the fight for better salary.

Describing the excessive use as serious, Ctera called for a national strike today and tomorrow.

The events occurred when educators on Sunday night, who had begun to erect a metal structure in the afternoon at the Congress Square in a peaceful manner, were attacked with pepper spray and the federal police force. The teachers, who have been fighting for more than five weeks for the government to convene a national parity (salary negotiations), which they say is instituted by law, decided to abandon their work stoppage and find another form of resistance and struggle.

According to the plan, the idea was to install a metal structure and make a kind of itinerant school in several squares of the nation to make their struggle visible.

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