Syrian Allies Ratify Condemnation of US Aggression

Syrian Allies Ratify Condemnation of US Aggression
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10 April 2017
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Damascus, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) The Joint Operations Command Center of Syria's allies ratifies support for this country of the Levant and condemns US aggression, according to a statement released today in Damascus.

We will respond adequately to any aggression from the United States and 'we will increase our support for the Syrian Army and brotherly people', says the document of that command that groups forces from Iran, Russia, the Hezbollah Lebanese resistance movement and Iraqi and Palestinian militias.

'The United States, with its arrogance, did not expect permission from anyone, nor respected the affiliated countries under the United Nations leadership, even before issuing the results of the investigation into the Khan Sheikhun incident, it attacked Syria and announced that attack with all insolence,' the document said.

The statement emphasizes that 'it has not escaped our attention what the United States is trying to achieve in northern Syria and northwestern Iraq, and it must know what we are accurately monitoring all its steps and movements, and we are giving them follow-up. Their attempts to control this geographical area make them illegal forces because they are occupying a sovereign territory of Syria.'

Washington, with its aggression against Syria, 'has surpassed the red lines, and from now on, we are going to respond strongly to any aggression and any action that exceeds those limits by whoever it is. And they are well aware of our ability to respond,' the communiqué emphasizes.

'The one who attacks and violates the legitimate rights of the peoples of the region and has used the veto against the rights of the Palestinian people dozens of times, has no moral right to present itself as the defender of human rights, presuming to ensure dignity of the peoples of the region, especially in Syria, Iraq and Palestine,' the statement added.

'Russia and Iran will not allow the United States to dominate the world and impose a unipolar system through continued direct aggression against Syria, violating international law, and acting outside the framework of the United Nations,' the statement concludes.

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