Obama Suspends Declaration of Emergency on Cuba for a Year

Obama Suspends Declaration of Emergency on Cuba for a Year
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25 February 2016
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US President Barack Obama postponed the state of emergency on Cuba declared in 1996 by William Clinton, after the bringing down of two planes which had violated Cuban national air territory several times.

The incident that took place after several warnings to the US authorities, on the provocations by anti-Cuban groups based in Miami, Florida, was taken as an excuse by the US government to increase its aggressive policy against the Caribbean island.

The Proclaim 9398 issued by Obama Wednesday, habitually gives continuity to the one ordered by Clinton, to forbid US ships and planes to enter in Cuban territorial air or waters.

By means of the document, Obama authorizes to the US Coast Guard Service vessels to inspect and even to occupy suspicious crafts of violating the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, although in this occasion it clarifies that only if an operation of this type is in accordance with the international law.

In this occasion, the text smooths the language used by the administrations of Clinton and George W. Bush to justify the continuity of the measure, and at the same time recognizes the reestablishment of the diplomatic relations between two nations, as well as the beginning of a process towards the standardization of the above mentioned ties.

According to the law of National Emergencies, a legal provision since the expressed one today expires unless the chief of the White House renews it every year.

Obama will travel to Cuba on March 21 and 22 next, in official visit, the first one of a US President since in 1928, when the president Calvin Coolidge traveled to Havana.

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